It is well known that Canada is amid a severe opioid crisis which is claiming the lives of many of our young people and Powell River is one of the hardest hit smaller communities in British Columbia suffering from overdose and the effects of addiction. Our team of professionally trained and certified practitioners (specializing in addiction treatment) will deliver this program. All service providers have a minimum of master’s degree in the related healthcare/counselling field and are regulated and certified by their Professional Associations.

The Pilot Project is designed to offer alternative therapeutic addiction treatment services to people who may benefit from an outpatient option of care. This program will be tailored to run adjacent to other existing community addiction treatment services as well as standing on its own. We are hopeful that the Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program will provide an additional level of accessible therapeutic treatment to people in Powell River who have substance abuse and/or concurrent disorders.

Our Pilot Program is designed to provide 4-day a week treatment for a 8-week period and will include: psychotherapeutic group sessions, individual counselling sessions, psycho-educational workshops, spirituality group sessions, body work/exercise, meditation and mindfulness, trauma therapy (including Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing and Hypnotherapy), and relationship and family counselling workshops. This Program will also include a nutritious lunch and will run weekdays.

It is our hope that Powell River agencies and organizations will partner in this initiative by referring clients, co-ordinating programing and/or collaborating treatment delivery with Oceanwoods Recovery Society. We are also prepared initiate a research study of this Pilot Program to use in the future development an efficient and streamlined addiction service model for outpatient services.